Sturm/Ramer Reunion 2002

Hueston Woods June 7-9




Most everybody got there before dinner. Dick had everyone that was playing horseshoes pick a tag with an animal on it. You had to find your partner.


Here is part of the crew that went swimming:

I group of us went hiking with Lee as the leader and of course, he got us lost. Let's just say we didn't have an up-to-date map. Here is the crew in the woods taking a break at a picnic table we found.

Fishing (7:30 - 10:00AM):

Horseback riding (11:00 - 12:00, 12:00 - 1:00):

Sailing (ends before 2:00PM):

Horseshoes (2:30 - 5:00PM):

Saturday Night Dinner and Awards (5:30 - Dark):

Well, we all had a great dinner, thanks to Rick Johnson, the cook. The winner of the horseshoe tournament was Lee and Rick J. (a.k.a. The Turtles).

We sat around in a circle and sang campfire songs and had a great time.





Officers for 2004 are:


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