Short Family History:

Robert Anderson and Margaret McGregor along with Margaret's brother marry in Glasgow, Scotland on 11 JUN 1854. They almost immediately leave Scotland, headed for America. They arrive in Charleston, SC on 15 DEC 1854. They proceed to Knox Co., TN where they have William McGregor Henery, Josephine, Robert James, Margaret Ann. In 1861, the Civil War begins. Knox Co., TN is pro-Confederate. Robert and Margaret must be pro-Union, because rumor has it that they are chased from their home (see below "Unproven Family Rumors and Questions" for details). They are found in 1870 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. Sometime between 1873 and 1877, both Margaret and Robert die. Margaret Ann Anderson marries James Jordon and they raise the rest of her siblings (Rebecca, Charles, George and Andrew). I don't know what happened to William, Robert or Josephine and why they didn't raise the rest of the children.

Margaret and James have a family (Allen J, Mary Francis, Annie Lee, Martha Pamelia, Eva Rebecca, Charles Andrew, and Lanora Grant) born and raised in Louisville, KY. Margaret ownes a boarding house and James ends up helping his daughter, Annie Lee McMontgomery and her husband on their farm in Underwood, IN (30 miles north of Louisville).

Martha Pamelia marries William Leeander Able in 1906. Their children are George, Margaret and Charles"Chick". The family moves to Akron where Margaret meets Harold Wilson. They elope in 1928 in Wellsburg, WV. Their children are Doris Irene, William Edwin, Annalee Kathryn, Martha May and Margaret Ellen. The family moves to Fairport Harbor, OH where Harold dies in 1951.

Unproven Family Rumors and Questions:

The Anderson's and her children were chased from their home in Knox Co., TN during the Civil War. They asked to go back for their handmade clock and they had a slip of paper that said they could go back. The soldiers told him that if he took one more step they would shoot him. Then they burned their home in front of them. They stayed in a huge building that was very dirty. Margaret would not let the children wander because the bugs and filth. Margaret had a small child at this time who developed small pox. Her fever was so hot that the baby's face became stuck to her mother's face when Margaret was trying to "quiet" the child.